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Equine Lawyer Riverside County


Buying a selling a horse in Riverside County California can be difficult process even for the more experienced horse person. It is important that you not only find and purchase the right horse for yourself or your family but that you ensure that the quality and health of the horse is not being distorted or manipulated by the seller. To fully protect yourself it is important that you have a purchase/ sale agreement specifically tailored for the horse that you are buying. Remember the horse that you are buying is not only going to be a large financial investment up front but you will be paying for the monthly boarding fees, general health maintenance for the horse, veterinarian bills, as well as care and up keep of the horse. So, if you purchase a horse in which you recognize a health issue or a performance issue that you didn't detect at the time of sale now you are stuck with the long-term care of the horse plus if you are not satisfied you must then try to sell it back or to someone else and under California law you will be required to disclose any known defects to avoid any claim of fraud down the road.

If you are purchasing or selling a horse and that transaction will take place in Riverside California please call our Riverside California equine lawyer today to discuss your legal rights.