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Bench Warrant Attorney Inland Empire


Do you have an outstanding Inland Empire bench warrant or arrest warrant? A bench warrant will be issued by a California court if you have failed to appear at the initial arraignment of your criminal case or you have failed to complete a term of your probation that was part of your criminal sentencing. It is always advisable to hire a criminal defense attorney to handle your misdemeanor bench warrant. Many times your criminal defense attorney can appear on your behalf without the necessity if you being present in the courtroom. Once your California bench warrant is recalled your attorney can deal with your underlying criminal case or your probation violation.

We receive phone calls all the time from individuals that have active bench warrant and many times clients are alerted to their bench warrants due to a employer or other agency doing a routine background check. It is vitally important that you recall the active bench warrant as soon as possible as bench warrants never come off your record and never go away unless you recall it.

If you have a active bench warrant in Riverside County California or San Bernardino County California please call our attorney today for a FREE phone consultation. We handle misdemeanor bench warrant cases in San Bernardino, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Pomona, West Covina, Temecula, Murrieta, Fullerton, and Indio California.