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Riverside California Petty Theft Attorney


Once you are arrested for petty theft in Riverside California you will be required to appear at the Riverside County Superior Court indicated on the bottom of your citation that you received from law enforcement. The first appearance in any California criminal case is called an arraignment. Typically, your Riverside California criminal defense attorney will plead you not guilty to the criminal charges and also this will be the first opportunity for your criminal defense attorney to obtain the discovery, which is typically a police report,and possibly internal reports from risk management. Yourcriminal defense attorney may also be able to obtain video or audio of the alleged crime as well to help your defense.

Once you have been arraigned the criminal case will continue on subsequent hearing dates in the future and if your Riverside California petty theft case is not resolved through a plea deal eventually your case will be set for trial.

If you have been arrested for petty theft, larceny, or grand theft in Riverside California please feel free to call our California criminal defense attorney today for a FREE phone consultation.