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Probation Violation Turned into Bench Warrant


What Happens When You Violate a Term of Your California Probation?

When a individual is sentenced in California they are given a set of terms to be completed by the judge that are part of their criminal plea. If you fail to complete a term of your probation such as failing to pay a fine, or failing to complete a DUI program the court will hold an ex parte hearing and revoke your probation for failure to complete all or some of your probation terms. The court will then issue a bench warrant for failing to complete your terms of probation. In some cases like a DUI or some specific driving offenses, the revocation of your probation, and the issuance of a bench warrant will alert the California DMV, which will put a hold on your drivers license until the California bench warrant has been cleared.

If you have an active bench warrant due to a probation violation it is always advisable to hire an attorney to recall the bench warrant and get your probation reinstated. As i have mentioned in previous blog entries a California bench warrant will remain active until you appear in front of a judge either on your own or through an attorney and recall the bench warrant.