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Three Gorunds For Terminating A Marriage in California


There are three distinct grounds for terminating a marriage in California. Dissolution, Nullity, or legal separation. Dissolution is actually more commonly referred to as a divorce, however, you will hear family law practitioners and family law courts call the divorce process a dissolution. A party seeks a nullity of a California marriage when they are presenting a argument to the family law court that at the time of the marriage there were reasons that made the marriage invalid. A legal separation is where there is no legal termination of the marriage like there is in a dissolution.

A party seeking relief from the family law court as it relates to their marriage will be seeking one of the three grounds listed above. If you are uncertain as to which course you should take you should consult with a experienced family law attorney. We are a Inland Empire family law firm and we represent individuals in all family law and divorce matters in Riverside and San Bernardino County. Call us today to discuss your family law rights.