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La Verne DUI Lawyers & Attorneys:: Drunk Driving Arrest in La Verne California


La Verne California DUI Lawyer

Have you been arrested for Driving Under the Influence in La Verne California? You will need an experienced and professional La Verne DUI lawyer to assist you in defending your DUI arrest. A La Verne DUI  can be very serious and provide life changing consequences if you are found guilt of Driving under the Influence in La Verne California.

DUI Arrest in La Verne California

Once you have been arrested for DUI in La Verne California the clock is ticking in terms of setting your DMV APS hearing. You have 10 days from the date of your La Verne DUI arrest to set a DMV hearing with the local DMV Driver Safety Office. If you retain our DUI legal services our La Verne DUI lawyer will ensure that your DMV APS hearing is set immediately.

La Verne DUI Lawyer

We always offer a FREE La Verne arrest and DUI consultation. During this FREE DUI consultation we will be able to discuss your case in detail and provide you with your legal options. A La Verne drunk driving conviction can have severe consequences and the only way to minimize these consequences is to retain the DUI legal services of a La Verne DUI attorney.

Call today to protect your rights!